Yolande, Home user, First time customer, SAMPLE PACK - “finally purchased my DREAM expresso machine for home. My new obsession: COFFEE BEANS!!! I have googled and googled and searched through pages upon pages of different Website selling beans. The price of the coffee is either far too high, or they kill you with postage! I ordered a sample pack of coffee from Brown Bag Coffee and am so glad I did. My postman bought the parcel to my door and told me “it must be coffee! Smells amazing”. Beautiful, fresh, solid coffee. No more google searching as I have found the best!”  

John, Cafe owner, 20kg per week, CROWD PLEASER - "I switched from my previous beans, my biggest concern was that my customers would notice the change. They didn't! and now I'm saving $18,000 per year and coffee is more consistent than ever! Thanks Guys, I'm never going back!"


Mandy, Bakery owner, 50kg per week OLD SCHOOL - "I thought I really needed my coffee company to supply and look after my equipment, by taking those costs out of the coffee I was able to buy the machine of my dreams and own it in less than a year.  I'm still banking the difference. Looking after it is easy, Brown Bag put me in touch with a great supplier who arranged finance plus a local tech and it all takes care of it self! Best business decision I ever made!"


Dave, Cafe owner, 10kg per week, NEW SCHOOL"Finally, coffee that cost what it should! This coffee isn't cheap or sub-standard, you're just paying the begginer tax every where else!"


Sue, Office manager, 3kg per week, OLD SCHOOL - "I don't drink coffee, but I run the budget, none of the boys have noticed we've changed. They ship same day but since subscribing its set and forget.  Well done guys"


Anonymous, Franchise owner, 150kg per week, CROWD PLEASER - "Great quality, consistent, fast reliable delivery. Easy decision, professional company, highly recommended. You will not get a better product or price anywhere, I've tried."


Anthony, Home user, 1kg per week - "Coffee is amazing, better than I used to pay triple for! I buy them all, I feel like a VIP every time I checkout! What a find!"


Paige, Wholefoods cafe, 12kg per week, ORGANIC - "Beautiful coffee, perfect every time. I sell this coffee by the scoop too, all my customers love it and the simple brown paper bags look and smell great in my shop as well :)"



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