Our sole purpose is to connect people in every part of the supply chain to great coffee at the best price. Whether you are a home, office or cafe user, we offer you the same great prices in a clean skin bag. 

Brown Bag Coffee was born after years of working behind the scenes to create amazing blends for big brand coffees in Australia. Chances are you have drunk coffee's that we have created.
We carefully select and roast all our blends to perfection, using industry proven roast profiles that customers love. Quality and consistency is at the core of everything that we do.

We know what it is like to own and run a Cafe. We have been involved in every part of the supply chain, from Origin to latte. We are shaking things up, stripping things back, and giving you the power.
Our plant can produce 3 tonne of roasted coffee per day. We are allowing Cafe Owners to enjoy prices only seen by customers who order these kind of quantities. Think of us as a Co-op, where you and other business owners around Australia form a buying group and get the best deals by working together through our new platform.

A modern approach for the progressive intelligent business owner, where equipment, sales reps, wind breaks, umbrellas and other promotional material are not available, we pass on the savings without compromising quality. Not only does a plain brown paper bag of coffee present you with a unique marketing opportunity to brand your own coffee, but enables you to be in control. You only pay for amazing specialty coffee, and nothing else.

It is our experience that customers select their local cafe based on the service and passion of the people serving them. If you're good at what you do, and looking for a consistent, delicious, desirable coffee that you can feel good about serving, then Brown Bag Coffee is for you.