We know what it is like to own and run a Cafe. We have been involved in every part of the supply chain, from Origin to latte. We are shaking things up, stripping things back, and giving you the power.

Brown Bag Coffee was born after years of working behind the scenes to create amazing blends for big brand coffees in Australia. Chances are you have drunk coffee's that we have created.
We carefully select and roast all our blends to perfection, using industry proven roast profiles that customers love. Quality and consistency is at the core of everything that we do.

We are allowing Cafe Owners to enjoy prices only seen by customers who order these kind of quantities. Think of us as a Co-op, where you and other business owners around Australia form a buying group and get the best deals by working together through our new platform. Not only does a plain brown paper bag of coffee present you with a unique marketing opportunity to brand your own coffee, but enables you to be in control. You only pay for amazing specialty coffee, and nothing else.

Now you can own the latest equipment at the best price, with access to our approved service network, you can rest easy knowing your investment will be looked after. 

We also offer a range of custom labeling specific to your needs, get in touch to find out more. 

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Find Affordable, High-Quality, Wholesale Roasted Coffee Beans

Are you looking to source wholesale roasted coffee beans at lower prices? Let Brown Bag Coffee help. We are your local wholesale coffee supplier offering the deliciously high-quality yet affordable products that you need.  

The quality of our coffee.

Our clients tell us that their customers love our coffee. In fact, you have most likely consumed our coffee at some point, as we have created amazing blends for many of Australia’s big brands.

We select our blends carefully and roast them to perfection to bring you irresistible coffee for your customers to enjoy every day.

Our industry-leading prices.

We keep our prices unbelievably low by cutting out unnecessary spending on things such as fancy packaging. We focus instead on providing the highest-quality coffee possible.

Even small café owners can enjoy the prices normally only attained by buyers who order huge quantities of product.

No-label coffee.

Our private label coffee allows you to brand your own and remain in complete control of its marketing, pricing, and service. You are free to personalise the product as you see fit–and you can do it in much less time than if you had developed your coffee from scratch.

You also won’t find yourself serving coffee with the same label as your competitors–you will be serving up a completely unique product in the eyes of customers.

The Benefits of Choosing No-Label, Wholesale Coffee

If product quality and freshness are essential to your customers, then you will find it highly beneficial to offer our no-label coffee. A well-executed, private label coffee program can give you an edge. Here are some advantages to choosing a no-label product:

Our promise to you.

When you choose our no-label coffees, we extend the promise of quality. Quality refers to the freshness and taste of our coffee, things that we are very passionate about.

We can say with confidence that our coffee is fresh and delicious–and your discerning customers will taste the difference. 

Cost advantages.

We offer contract roasting to keep your costs as low as possible.

You’ll be less vulnerable to price fluctuations in the market, and you can count on an agreed-on volume of coffee over an extended period without having to worry about increased costs. 

The opportunities afforded by specialty coffees.

Customers visit cafes and retail coffee establishments for more than just coffee; they seek out an experience.

As an operator serving private-label coffee, you can market your products as you wish, creating the experience that you want to provide. 

About Brown Bag Coffee

At Brown Bag Coffee, our goal is to connect people in all parts of the supply chain to coffee and coffee beans from wholesale suppliers at incredibly low prices. We have been involved in every aspect of the industry and understand what it’s like to run a café. We work for you by giving you the power to create a branded experience that your customers will love–nobody knows them as well as you do.

We offer a modern approach for the modern business owner who is too smart to pay more for the same coffee. Why pay extra for the brand name or extra services that you may not even need? We put it all in your hands with our high-quality, affordable, no-label coffee. Contact Brown Bag Coffee today to learn more.